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PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports and is a data-driven behavior plan that teaches students the behaviors we want to see on campus, at home, and in the community.  The SWIS data management tool helps us identify trouble spots so we can better target areas that need attention.  Positive behaviors are reinforced and rewarded.  We have adopted the acronym ROAR which stands for Responsibility, Offer kindness, Always be safe, and Resolve problems.  

Click here to watch our "School Rules" video on our YouTube page!

"Stop, Walk, Talk" Bully Prevention Program - “Stop, Walk, & Talk” bully prevention program focuses on empowering kids to tell others to, “Stop,” if they feel they are being treated unkindly, walk away if the situation continues, and talk to an adult if the issue persists.  Bystanders are also encouraged to step up and not be passive observers.  This was just the first in a series of “how to” lessons the kids will receive.  Here is a short two minute video that provides an overview of how the program works:  Please talk with your kids about it, and quiz them on the steps to be sure they understand how the steps work.