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  • Jupiter Ed Assignments
    • As you might have noticed, students have been completing a majority of their assignments through Jupiter Ed.  Parents can view these assignments through their Jupiter account. Assignments fall under three categories: tests, quizzes, and classwork.
      • Classwork: Classwork is practice and does not impact a grade. Students might not complete an entire practice assignment. This can happen for a variety of reasons--we ran out of time, students needed extra help, students took longer on a priority assignment like a quiz or test. There are occasions when some students might not have completed a practice assignment because they were off task. If this happens, students will have to finish it during morning or lunch recess. Since practice assignments don't impact the overall grade, you'll find that they often do not have a score.
      • Quizzes: Quizzes are must get done assignments. These are scored and used to gauge who might need extra support. If students were provided extra support, I often indicate this in the assignment notes. I also allow students to re-try quizzes at their request.
      • Tests: These are our main assessments and have the biggest impact on grades. Our quizzes and classwork are all designed to prepare students for these assignments. If students struggle with a test, they will receive a round of extra support most often through our Tiger Time and then re-test.
    • One of the easiest ways to stay updated on your child's assignments is through the Jupiter Ed calendar. Click here to learn how
  • Behavior Boxes
    • All students met our round 3 "Behavior Box Challenge" and enjoyed several fun holiday activities on 12/20. Round 4 is for a Valentine's Day party on February 13th. Students have seven boxes this time around. Remember, if a student loses all boxes between now and February 12th, he/she loses the privilege of joining us during our party.
  • Tiger Time
    • Current Tiger Time Focus: Long Division 
      • Tiger Time is a designated time during the school day where all 4th graders receive tiered instruction. Groups are formed based on assessment data and can change each time we complete an assessment.
      • 4th Grade Tiger Time typically runs Tuesdays - Thursdays from 11:40-12:10.
  • Jupiter Ed
    • Jupiter Ed is the best way to stay updated on your child's progress throughout the school year. You can view grades, assignments, tests, behavior reports, and more. If you have any trouble logging on, please let me know.
  • Weekly Snapshot
    •  If you're ever wondering when a test is scheduled or what we're learning in class, be sure to check out our Weekly Snapshot pages.