District Wide Broadcast Message

Mrs. Scarbrough

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It has been a wonderful fourth grade year!
Monday-- DLR, Mountain Math, Letters to New Fourth Graders, Art, finish iReady tests, and PE.
Tuesday--Mountain Math, Letters to New Fifth Grade Teachers, Art, Cleaning, Game, PE and Science
Wednesday--Mountain Math, Little Buddies, Library, End of the Year Party, and Assembly
Thursday--Last Day of School--Clean up, take home books, return teacher materials, games, science, and PE.  PLEASE BRING A BAG THIS DAY TO TAKE HOME A LOT OF STUFF!
Over the summer, iReady will be available for students to practice math and reading skills. 

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We Do Accelerated Reader! (AR)
"AR" is a reading incentive program.  It helps teachers and parents monitor students' growth.  Students start by taking the STAR reading test on the AR site, which sets them up with a reading level.  From there, the teacher or program can calculate a "point goal" based upon the reading level of the child and minutes of expected reading per day.

In fourth grade, students should be reading at least 30 minutes each night (as put on the agenda nightly), and we read at least another 20 minutes each day in class.  Our students' goals are based upon this 50 minute expectation and reading level. 

Each book has a point value to help children meet their AR Goal (point goal).  Students should be choosing books inside their AR range (reading range) unless he/she has special approval from the teacher to read above.