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Here is your link to your student's Clever account which gives them access to iReady, Benchmark ELA materials, Google Apps, and more: To login to the Clever portal, students will need to know their Gmail account address and student ID number.  Please be sure to check with your teacher to be sure you student has already taken the  iReady diagnostic placement test in class. They will not be able to access iReady online lessons from home until the diagnostic is completed at school.
Here is the link to i-Ready for students and staff.  Contact your student's teacher for your student's username and password if you have not already received it. 
Whether you are looking for actual math support for your student at home or just to demo the site, this link will take you there. Use parentdemo as the login and wpusdsample1 as the password to sign in. Once onto the site, click the icon for Programs and on the subsequent screen select the grade-level you are interested in previewing.  If you are just looking for some math games, type "games" into the search window once you have logged in.  We have found that the Envisions site sometimes runs more smoothly on the Mozilla Firefox browser than Google Chrome.
The FOSS site supports our district science curriculum grades1-5.